Feb 01, 2022
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The Pluses & Minuses of Search Engine Optimization

It may be a bit forward of us to point this out… but business success in a global market can be a popularity contest. Realistically speaking, it doesn’t matter if, for example, someone is the greatest sculptor in the world. What matters is that they are the most recognizable sculptor in the world. And it’s this unfortunate reality that tends to leave many who are new to dealing with internet search engines, rankings, and conversions– rather disillusioned; particularly if they are trying to negotiate the work themselves.

The truth is, recognition means ranking. Ranking is key to getting found when your target demographic is punching in search queries relative to your business. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a marketing strategy using keywords that search engines can recognize. SEO is designed to craft your messaging so that search engines such as Google not only see you, but make the handshake that connects you to the people most apt to make use of your product or services.

A Quick Numerical Reality Check

This search engine ranking holds tremendous value. Recent research indicates that consumers looking for specific goods or services tend to turn to their phones to make those connections. 68% of shoppers will Google when ready to buy a specific product, and 76% of consumers, overall, will look to your online presence before actually walking through your front door. In fact, 28% of local searches result in a purchase within 24 hours.

When you boil down the numbers, this means that 63% of all shopping begins online, even if the purchase itself happens in a store.

This is why so many marketers see SEO as important. 70% of marketers, in fact, think SEO delivers better results than PPC (Pay Per Click).

While stats aren’t always fun to read, here is one more that is rather eye-popping:

Some studies point to the fact that increasing your statistical odds of showing up in the top ten search results for “sculptor”, for example, could bump your revenue by more than 400%!

That’s a lot of hand-carved dolphin figurines.  

What SEO demands of you can be daunting–depending on your approach

Those trying to sell you the service tend to make SEO sound easier than it is–and no– it’s not as simple as attaching a hashtag. In fact, the analytics involved can be tedious and overwhelming–yielding results that can be difficult to interpret if you’re going it alone.

For a business owner, this is a real consideration. Dedicating company resources toward improving rankings (thus conversions) requires ongoing time and attention to the habits, questions, attention and even the spelling of your target audience. What seems like a rather straight ahead concept takes more legwork than it looks. This can make attempting SEO seem daunting. But the payoff can be tremendous.

At Hierographx, we get it. We really do. So we’re happy to assist you in finding the perfect SEO solutions with experts ready and willing to do the heavy lifting.
So–for your consideration–the pluses, and the minuses, of SEO.

PLUS: Digital Sustainability

There is something to be said for a new view of sustainability. Consider that fifteen minutes of fame is great for a hobbyist on YouTube or a viral video on TikTok– but not for a business that wants to project its expertise and experience against others within the market. To that end…your online presence can mean everything.

Go ahead and ask yourself how many different social media applications have popped up in the last five years that seem to show up on the front page of Google, as if out of thin air. These results are likely due to favorable algorithms that the marketers of these apps used to their advantage. As a business owner and daily competitor (or, perhaps, the best sculptor in the world)– this may get your attention. After all, consistently appearing in the top ten rankings of your customers’ searches lends a certain credibility to your operation. And it’s worth noting: most consumers only click the top three results.

MINUS: Some Incubation Required

Like all investments, SEO takes time. Optimization takes a lot of focus, and it isn’t fun when it isn’t working. Adding one word to a phrase or even deleting a single letter can literally determine whether a sculptor is front and center in an art collector’s search results–or if his portfolio page is showing up in the results for the local flea market. Simple mistakes, in other words, can undo a lot of effort.

This effort may work contrary to your intuition. Semantics can be easy to argue, but numbers are not. The most well-spoken, sophisticated, and intelligent person in the office may argue that the word “telephone” is more appropriate than “phone”. But Google doesn’t care: it ranks based on the habits of its users.

Expert SEO provides the data that informs Google trends. Skilled SEO specialists understand that “phone company near me” yields better results (in numbers) than “telephone company near me”. When the results yield better business, then Fancypants McGee with the English degree will just have to hush on using “telephone.” (Nerd!) (Note: Before the angry emails begin… it’s worth pointing out that the authors of this article speak with some authority as to the “Nerd” thing–we all hold such degrees)

In strategic, targeted SEO, the majority is always right for business. There is no guesswork. Less is not more when it comes to SEO: more is more. More eyes equal more profit. More results mean more exposure. SEO may involve some element of investment. But it is a calculated investment that can be managed and capitalized upon—because the numbers do not lie. Realistically speaking; building those numbers takes time. Make no mistake.

PLUS: Top Rankings Curate Consumer Perception

Although SEO requires an investment in resources, it is not to suggest that directing resources outweighs the benefit of successful optimization. Showing up as the first search result conveys an immediate and impressive ethos. Projecting this authority over the competition has tangible benefits. These benefits go beyond that feel-good moment when the customer or client says, “Oh yeah! Everyone has heard of your work!” They result in meaningful, measurable results. While it’s true that SEO can be complex, it’s important not to underestimate its value in offering pure data, informing your strategy as to what is working for your business, and what is not. This is why you may best protect your investment with SEO experts to guide you through the popularity contest… while you focus on winning the game.

Expert input can make all the difference… seriously.

The concept of SEO is easy to grasp, but SEO is work that requires a lot of discipline. Content providers who offer SEO experts aren’t successful just because they know what SEO is. They are successful because they are working on SEO every day, and they see what it can do… they know what works. At Hierographx, it is our objective to offer you the benefits, while avoiding the difficulties that can come with SEO integration. Our team can not only direct more traffic to your website and elevate your online Presence, but we can also help you to formulate the best approach to elevating your exposure with honest assessments and recommendations that are custom built for your specific needs.

Hiero offers SEO solutions that let you go about your business

Efficiency in the digital age requires constant attention. If a business wants to stay ahead of the competition, partners like Hierographx can help pinpoint the best approach to making that SEO commitment. Hierographx can offer flexible solutions for everything from the sole proprietor working as a sculptor– to a major corporation seeking to overhaul its online brand. Consulting with the diverse experts at Hierographx can help you to consider the best approach to juggling the ins and outs of SEO… without feeling like you’ve surrendered your voice, or your brand.

Dominate Search Results with SEO

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