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In the ever-evolving world of search engine algorithms, some principles remain fairly constant. These foundational elements are the interpretation of the authentic support to justify your rank. There is no quick trick to simply grant you a number one ranking, especially among highly competitive keywords. However, there is a methodology that we can consistently employ, that will continue to strengthen your page rank for the search terms you target.

We start with preparing your web presence to best highlight the terms and phrases that are important to your business. By using different tag strategies, we can amplify your target content to search engine crawlers. For very low competitive keywords, this may be enough to give you top rank in the Search Engine Rank Placements (SERPs) you desire.

Our Processes

For moderately or highly competitive search terms, the process becomes more time consuming. It involves research and discovery on the top competitors and their strategies. We then formulate our storyboard timeline plan to achieve top ranks. This includes technical writing, which requires significant preparation and analysis to substantiate validity on the topic. On the technical and strategic side, we structure the article with an appropriate density of keywords in titles, content, and hyperlink anchor text to appeal to the search engines. This is both a science and an art.

We issue monthly reports to track our work and your progress in the SERPs. The value of an increased rank can far outweigh the costs involved in executing a long term strategy.

Basic SEO

Title / keywords optimization, basic keyword research, and analytics

Ongoing SEO

4 on page / 4 off page posts per month for each keyword. Average Time Frame to achieve Page one ranks: Low Competition keywords: 3-6 Months, Medium Competition keywords: 5-9 Months, High Competition keywords: 8-12+ Months.

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