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How do we launch a new product (offering) together?

After an initial meeting to understand your needs, the size and scope of your project, we can provide a fixed cost bid or a project estimate.

How much does it usually cost to do a project?

This depends on many factors. We will custom tailor the project to your requirements, including considering your budget when recommending the best technology for your solution. We provide value to both small and medium size businesses.

What branches do you specialize in?

As a diverse team of researchers, designers, developers, project managers and consultants, our website and applications provide value to a broad spectrum of industries. We have policies and processes in place to adhere to HIPAA and protections for personal or proprietary information.

What information do you need to create an estimate?

During our initial discovery meeting we will want to gain understanding of the problem, from the perspective of your product or service that you would like our assistance in solving.

Can our internal team collaborate with Hierographics?

We look forward to collaborating with other professionals, and are experienced at helping increase productivity.

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