Keys To Your Digital Kingdom

Before I got involved as a writer for a tech company, I attended a messaging conference. The speaker brought up something called SERP. Not sure what SERP means? Well, you’re not alone. Back then, I honestly thought it was a new line of soups or a cheap shampoo. It’s not. It’s far more valuable than that.

The Keys to Your Kingdom: Like Camelot, Baby!

SERP is basically a magical bit of strategy that can open your ranking dreams and pour them into the pilfered chalice of the competitors you’ve destroyed. This will certainly quench your thirst for the search engine hierarchy. Don’t believe me? Listen up, Guinevere. This ain’t Camelot! Who’s Googling Camelot anymore? Don't throw me in the moat. This is valuable stuff! Tell Arthur to lower his sword. We’re gonna make some magic… like Merlin!

What it is, Really.

SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page. That’s what we must analyze here…so pour some mead, your majesty and let’s start with understanding that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SERP analysis are intrinsic to one another; and it isn’t just about keywords. SERP addresses a very fundamental question about your online visibility: If you don't know what words people are searching…how do you know which ones to feature to improve rankings?

“There’s a popular misconception about keyword research: that the process ends when we’ve found the ideal balance between search volume and keyword difficulty. There’s this thing called SERP analysis, which is an inseparable part of your keyword research, and if done correctly, can be a true game-changer. In short, SERP analysis means to check the results you get after you search for relevant keywords and decide if you’re going to optimize for these keywords based on your chances of beating the competition.” (Mobidea Academy)

SERP relies on a number of variables. Being unaware of what the competition is doing - or even knowing who the competition is - makes it nearly impossible to gain an upper hand in ranking. You would simply be wasting your time and money trying to market blindly. “Competitor analysis is integral to SEO. For most small businesses, there’s not much point going directly after keywords and keyphrases that are dominated by big players with strong domain authority and impressive backlinks. It can be wiser, more efficient, and cost effective to go down the road less traveled and pick up potential customers who are using more specific search terms. It’s not enough to be better than the competition. You need to be smart too.” (Blog Hands) Merlin’s magic can’t do that. But a good digital agency can.

Extrapolating Results: What Does It All Mean?

Organic search results are not specific enough to create any significant level of visibility. To gain understanding of SERP data, “it’s necessary to go through a lot of info from different pages comparing different metrics. Collecting a large amount of SERP data isn’t easy, especially if you rely on manual methods.” ( That’s the ultimate battle for Camelot, isn’t it? The fact is, the keys to the digital kingdom aren’t like some mysterious magical sword wedged into some impenetrable stone. There’s no real magic in extracting viable, actionable SERP. All it takes is a great agency that understands the unique aspects of your business, your place in the market, and your vision (and maybe, on our part–a little elbow grease).

Is Arthur hyperventilating? Tell him to stay calm.

When you have an agency of experts at your disposal…it’s not that dire, sire. Hierographx has the solutions to make SERP work for your business. Our dedicated team of experts will be more than happy to assist! The best kings have the most competent and trusted advisors–like Hierographx. Think of us as the more down-to-earth Merlin of your online Camelot. Hierographx holds the key to the real magic of SERP analysis…and it’s you!

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