Jan 18, 2022
2 minute read

Your Corporate Voice is an Opportunity

This is your company’s image – your brand. Identify the way you want your company to be perceived. Think of some similarly positioned companies (even some of your competitors) and the way their voices project across the digital sphere. Which of them makes you feel something positive? Why?

We propose that these perceptions are as much about the way a company makes customers feel as it is the services they provide… and that connection begins with a positive corporate voice.

No matter what your business offers – your delivery matters.

It should be friendly, honest, and respectful. We understand that you are uniquely attuned to a rhetorical approach that encourages customer interaction. That delivery not only emphasizes that your company values its customers as people, but also builds a more relatable connection. Calls to action are more readily embraced by the clients you work so hard to attract when your copy and content consistently aligns with their expectation of your services.

Because it’s that important, at Hierographx, we put tremendous emphasis on helping you develop and maintain this integral aspect of your content.

Our team of copywriters understands that if a customer visits your website looking for information - consistent, informative and relevant content will provide it. Yet, if the tone of your content is conversational, friendly, and honest - your customer will feel they can trust your company. So when we sit down to write for you, we expend a great deal of effort in getting to know you, your corporate identity, and the way you want to present it to the world.

Corporate voice embodies the personality of your business.

Engage with your client and fill them in on all the ways your company can help make things easier for them. How can your company help? Keep a tone that implies active listening. You want to provide information but information without the proper voice falls flat. It may as well be a Google search and a list of credentials. What sets your business apart from competitors is your individual identity. Whether your approach is more formal, technical, functional or fun-loving, we make sure it’s authentically represented in every piece of writing we do.

We understand that image is imperative.

You want content that provides a call to action in a way that anyone can understand without feeling talked down to - content that is easy to understand for anyone who visits your website. To convert communication to a connection that bolsters your brand and defines who you are as a company, you must have content that effectively encompasses your corporate culture. So when we write for you, we make sure that content showcases all you have to offer.

The language that is recognizable and exclusive to your business is something you have cultivated over time. Hierographx, an online marketing company in Saginaw, MI, is dedicated to helping you create company presence and identity without erasing who you have been from the start!

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