Feb 20, 2023
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Why Using A Premade WordPress Theme Is Hurting Your Business

As a small business owner, it's easy to feel like you're constantly struggling to keep up with the competition. You know that having a professional, well-designed website is essential to standing out and attracting new customers, but you may not know how to go about it. Many small business owners turn to premade WordPress themes as a cheap and easy way to get a website up and running quickly. However, this approach is actually hurting your business in the long run.

At Hiero, we've seen firsthand the negative impact that premade WordPress themes can have on small businesses. Here's why you should avoid them and invest in custom WordPress development instead.

You're Not Unique

One of the biggest problems with premade WordPress themes is that they're not unique. Hundreds, if not thousands, of other websites are using the exact same theme as you. This makes it difficult for your website to stand out and make a memorable impression on visitors. Even if you take parts of the premade theme and customize it, the foundation of your site is still like the thousands of others who have used that theme. In other words, just because you made the theme look different, does not mean it is technically different which will not work in your favor.

With custom WordPress development, you have the opportunity to create a unique website that reflects your brand and sets you apart from the competition. You can work with a designer to create a custom theme that's tailored to your specific needs and brand image. This allows the design to be dynamic to your business goals, target audience, and branding.

Limited Customization

Premade WordPress themes offer some customization options, but they're often limited in what you can change. This can be frustrating if you want your website to look a certain way or have specific features that aren't available in the theme.

With a custom WordPress site, you have complete control over the design and functionality of your website. You can work with a developer to create custom plugins, features, and integrations that are specific to your business. This level of customization ensures that your website is optimized for your customers and your unique business needs.

Not SEO-Friendly

Search engine optimization (SEO) is essential for driving organic traffic to your website. However, premade WordPress themes often have poorly optimized code, which can hurt your search engine rankings. If you are using a theme, foundational-wise, Google just sees you as another duplicate website in a sea of others who have used the theme.

Our team of experts at Hiero understands that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial for the success of your website. That's why we prioritize optimizing our WordPress sites with clean, efficient code, and use best practices to ensure your website ranks high on search engine results pages. By SEO optimizing from the code level, you can be confident that your website is set up for success and has a better chance of attracting new customers. So, you can trust us to create a WordPress site that not only looks great but also performs well in terms of SEO.

Limited Support

When you use a premade WordPress theme, you're relying on the theme developer to provide support if anything goes wrong. However, theme developers often provide limited support, and it can be difficult to get help if you have a problem.

With custom WordPress development, you have access to dedicated support from your developer. They can help you with any issues that arise, and you have the peace of mind of knowing that your website is in good hands. The sites we build at Hiero are familiar to our devs long after the site goes live. Because it is our team’s code, offering support to our clients is a breeze.


Premade WordPress themes are often not scalable. As your business grows and your website needs change, you may find that the theme you're using can't keep up. For instance, if you need to add a new page or add a new module to an existing section - many premade themes will not be flexible enough to allow this. This may result in any additional features not matching the look and feel of the rest of the website, causing a decrease in customer trust and user experience.

Hiero offers scalable solutions to all clients, just like our reliable support system. Our team of experts is well-versed in various areas of technology, which allows us to provide guidance on the best solution for your project right from the start. Moreover, we understand that your business is likely to grow and evolve over time, which is why we are committed to being there for you when you're ready to expand. With Hiero, you can trust that we will continue to provide you with the solutions and support you need, no matter how much your business grows.

Final Words

It might be tempting to go for a premade WordPress theme as a cheap and quick solution for your website. However, this approach can do more harm than good to your small business. Custom WordPress development is a smart investment that can make a positive impact on your business in the long run.

Investing in a custom WordPress website can bring significant benefits to your small business. Not only will your website have a unique design that distinguishes you from your competitors, but you will also have the ability to customize both the look and functionality to meet your specific business needs and objectives. In addition, a custom WordPress website is optimized for SEO, giving you a competitive advantage by improving your search engine ranking and making your site easier to find for potential customers.

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