Mar 05, 2023
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Using Animation To Enhance User Engagement on Your Website

Did you know that 90% of the information your brain receives is visual? Moreover, the brain processes this visual information about 60 thousand times faster than text. A reliable B2B website design agency recognizes this reality and applies the science of visual storytelling to create engaging websites. Discover how our Saginaw website design experts utilize animation to make a simple webpage into an interactive experience for your potential customers.

What Is Animation for Websites?

Animation can mean several things, especially when it comes to website design. Generally, web animation is the integration of visual effects into a website. This process can involve the use of movement in certain elements or color changes to catch people's attention and draw them deeper into your pages.

You can also use animation to highlight specific items on your pages. Whether an image or text is important to your offerings, you can apply elements of animation to make them stand out. You would normally utilize web animation to make the UI/UX more interactive and engaging for customers, as opposed to a static page that they would just read through.

Web animations usually fall under three categories:

  1. Micro-interactions: These animations cover the small things you would do on a website, including clicking buttons and following hyperlinks. Under this category, you can animate buttons to light up when you hover over them or add a cartoon when your page is loading.

  2. Transitions: Animations that influence a web page’s behavior can be engaging for visitors. These animations would activate when you click on a button and take the user to another page on your website.

  3. Delighters: Website engagement would do well with decorative elements that serve as happy surprises for visitors. For instance, suppose you have a company mascot. An animated version of them offering help would be a great way to engage a visitor.

How You Can Utilize Animation Elements for Your Website

You can integrate different moving elements based on the three categories of web animation. Some of the most popular strategies include:

Hover Animations

Almost every website today uses this type of animation on its pages. Usually, their navigation buttons would have hover animations. Perhaps the buttons appear as symbols first and would reveal text when you hover your mouse pointer over them.

One downside to hover animations is that they don’t translate too well on mobile devices. However, a professional WooCommerce web designer would know how to get around that limitation and still enhance user engagement when browsing your website on their phone.

Motion Animations

Moving elements in your website can shift a person’s attention to the most important parts of your page. Moving animations can even be as simple as a loading bar. However, you also risk overwhelming your visitor’s senses. As such, it is critical to assess your entire website before deciding which ones you should apply motion animations to.

Usually, the best items to implement motion animations are the parts of your website that direct visitors to take action. So, consider animating your CTA buttons or intake forms so that your audience knows where they should go next.

Background Animations

Dynamic backgrounds are great types of website animations. This strategy is a way to tell your company’s story with subtlety. You would engage with your audience by appealing to their emotions and leaving a lasting impact with how you utilized all space on your website.

It can be challenging to implement background animation because it is not meant to be the focus. However, it is still important and needs to be catchy enough to be remembered. Moreover, dynamic backgrounds tend to affect website loading times.

Professional website designers would know how to fine-tune these kinds of animations to enhance your website without slowing it down. At the same time, they should know how to create attractive designs that are not distracting.

Embedded Animations

When we say animation, you might think of cartoons. That’s the traditional and default understanding of animation and it’s still relevant in web animation. You can add animated videos to your website for your visitors to watch.

Even if your video doesn’t feature cartoons, it’s still a great way to enhance user engagement. People retain 95% of the information from messages when watching a video compared to 10% when reading text.

You don’t even have to post a video. You could animate slideshows or galleries about your company. These elements are interactive and can give visitors an idea of what to expect from your services.

Welcome Animations

Finally, welcome animations are animated homepages. Once people click on your website, you only have a few seconds to grab their attention, so it’s important to make a lasting first impression.

While your website loads, it’s a good idea to have animated images to keep your visitors company. Think of how the Google Chrome web browser has an interactive dinosaur game you can play when waiting for your device to connect to the internet.

The same principle applies to your website. You would use exciting animations to welcome your visitors so they would only expect more once the rest of your website loads properly.

Benefits of Animation for User Engagement

Animation offers several advantages for small- and medium-sized business owners, including:

  • Stand Out From Competitors: Web animations attract your user’s attention and keep them on your pages versus other websites that might not be doing the same thing you are.

  • Entertain Your Visitors: Animation is a great way to keep visitors on your web pages. They are interactive and are great ways for you to direct people to try your products and services.

  • Keep Up With Trends: Users are most likely to engage with a modern website. If a person thinks your page looks outdated, they could easily click out of your website to find another one.

Get Started: Utilize Animation With a Professional WooCommerce Web Designer

Animation is an excellent strategy for enhancing user engagement on your website. From small things like button animations to larger, dynamic backgrounds, these moving graphics catch people’s attention and keep them on your pages long enough to determine whether your brand is ideal for their needs.

However, like every brand, you must have a unique identity that your website’s graphics must reflect. Hierographx is your professional web designer that can apply the latest animation best practices to your website. Discuss your goals with our Saginaw web design experts today.

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