Jan 09, 2023
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The Unmatched Value of a Custom Website

There are almost 200 million active website domains, and 98% of small-scale entrepreneurs operate a website. With this much congestion and competition in the online space, a site that looks generic and offers only barebones functionality is not going to thrive.

For your business to get noticed and remain viable in the online space, you need to stand out. A custom-built website can help distinguish you from the pack. Read on to know how a custom website brings unmatched value to your business.

How To Distinguish a Custom Website From a Template Website

A template website, as its name suggests, is based on a pre-existing design or template. These templates are easy to access and adapt. The price for choosing the convenience of these sites is you end up with a generic-looking website. Sure, you can upload your own content to them, but you’re stuck when it comes to the overall design and interface.

In contrast, a custom site is built from the ground up specifically for you or your business. You’ll have control over the web design process. The layout will be structured with your business’s motto and values in mind. Moreover, its feature set will be based on the nature of the products and services you sell.

By hiring a competent Michigan website design company, you can have a state-of-the-art custom site that will greatly benefit your business.

Better User Experience

A custom-built website gives consumers a user experience that no template site can copy. Almost 40% of online users say that they consider color as a valuable visual element in a website, and 42% of them will leave a site that has limited and poor functionality.

A custom site will allow you to use colors, shapes, and layouts that are most appealing to your target market. Moreover, you can incorporate features that are in line with your business model and based on consumer feedback. With this level of personalization and precision, your customers are sure to get a unique and satisfying experience.

Scalability and Flexibility

Your business is bound to evolve, and your consumers’ preferences will also change. Hence, your website should adapt to these developments too. A custom-built site can easily be scaled to match your business’s size and needs. This will allow you to accommodate larger site traffic and expand your site’s coverage.

Also, the non-rigid architecture of these sites will give you unparalleled flexibility to make additions and omissions. If you want to discontinue a product line, you can easily remove the pages or sections for those products. Moreover, if your website’s interface is getting outdated, you can change its layout and add new features. To have a trendy website layout, you can seek professional services from recognized Michigan website design companies.

Higher Search Engine Ranking

The top spot in the search list is the holy grail that all website owners aspire to acquire. Around 90% of users click on the first set of search engine results. You’ll have an extremely hard time getting to the top if you operate a templated or generic site. By operating a custom site and partnering with Michigan website design professionals, you increase your chances.

When competent web developers make tailor-fit websites, they not only focus on aesthetics and functionality but they also apply the best search engine optimization or SEO practices to increase the site’s online visibility. This means that your site’s coding will facilitate better keyword penetration. Moreover, your site will be optimized for all search engines including Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Overall, SEO makes your site more searchable, increasing its likelihood of falling on top of the search list.

Emphasized Branding

To remain competitive and relevant, your business must not only offer high-quality products and services but must also have a strong online presence and branding. That’s why it’s important to have a website that stands out, especially since 50% of online users consider website design as a vital part of an enterprise’s branding.

A custom website will enable you to brandish your business’ personality. From the colors used to the effects utilized, you can tweak your site until it fully projects your company vision. Getting help from specialists in website design in Michigan will allow you to make website modifications that maximize brand promotion.

Improved Security

The online space can be dangerous, with hackers and scammers running rampant. In recent years, cybercrime has grown 600% with 50% of all cyber-attacks being made against small and medium businesses. An unsecured website will make your business prone to attack. This is where you see a great benefit of having a custom site.

Most sites include plugins and anti-hacking safeguards, making them resistant to cyberattacks. However, hackers develop new methods that can compromise and breach these defenses. That’s why over 70% of web developers recognize the continuous risk of a cyber attack on their client’s websites.

To combat this constant threat, Michigan web design experts constantly maintain custom-built sites. They continuously install security updates and patches to ensure that your custom site always has a robust defensive system against cyber attacks.

Final Thoughts

From giving your customers a better user experience to making your website more secure, custom sites bring great value to you and your business. Don’t take the easy but inefficient route of using a templated site. Invest in and take the time to build a custom site.

If you’re searching for a Michigan website design company that can help you create a custom-built site, look no further than Hierographx. We make excellent custom websites and offer other related services like branding and SEO management. Contact us today to learn more.

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