Apr 06, 2023
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The Importance of Timing in Your SEO Strategy

Around 60% of markers say that SEO is amongst their website’s highest lead sources. This is expected since the majority of online transactions begin with a search engine query. However, having robust keyword and backlink implementations is not enough to rank high in search results. Timing is equally important when it comes to SEO campaigns. Read on to learn the importance of timing in your SEO strategy.

Benefits of Good Timing SEO Timing

There are a few benefits that a well-timed SEO strategy can bring to your online business platform.

Trend Capitalization

Good SEO timing allows you to respond to emerging cultural trends or established seasonal trends then capitalize on the high sales potential they bring. You can use keywords relating to in-demand products and services. Moreover, you can create blog posts and other web content that focus on trendy topics. All of these can lead to higher site traffic, leads, and conversion rates.

Platform Optimization

Applying SEO strategies at predetermined times or events enables you to optimize your online marketing channels. You can tweak your platform’s interface and network capacity so that it can accommodate high user influx during special days like Black Friday. If you don’t know how to customize and optimize your website, a Northern Michigan SEO agency like Hierographx can help you out.

Different Stages of Development 

You can incorporate an SEO strategy during any stage of development.

Build-up Stage

By employing your SEO strategy during the onset of an online phenomenon or trend, you become a subject pioneer. You can get a higher search rank faster and capture a big market share since there is still little SEO competition. This is a huge advantage since 75% of consumers never go beyond the first page of search engines. 

However, since there is not much SEO-optimized content on the topic yet, it will be hard to find tested guidelines on how to attract your intended audience. Thus, you may have to resort to trial and error.

Hype Stage

Alternatively, you can start creating and applying your SEO strategy during the hype stage. This is when the trend is at its peak, and many digital marketers are using different SEO campaigns to make their platforms stand out. 

The advantage of starting during this period is that aside from high online demand, there are likewise several best practices already available. Hence, you can emulate and improve upon what other websites are doing. However, you’ll have lots of competition, and there could even be traffic congestion. 

Post-hype Stage

Another option is to wait for the hype to subside before you implement an SEO strategy. The benefit is you get access to a plethora of useful information on customer behavior and preferences as well as other SEO methods. This will allow you to launch a well-planned SEO campaign. The downside is that user interest is no longer as high, and some consumers may have established brand loyalty with a competitor.

Final Thoughts

A well-timed and executed SEO strategy can bring benefits to your online platform. However, you should consider when you should begin using SEO and weigh the pros and cons. Hierographx is a Michigan SEO company that can help you implement effective SEO strategies at the most opportune time.

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