Hashish Boyz

Hashish Boyz is a premium recreational and medical cannabis dispensary. Their mission is to offer the purest cannabis products at an affordable price in a nostalgic atmosphere.
Design, Development
Desktop screens to show website design done for Hashish Boyz



The challenge

The existing site was a static, one page site with limited information. The staff struggled to update information and the site was incapable of keeping up with the expanding company. The client wanted to shift to a more dynamic, substantial user experience complemented by an elevated design.

Key challenges

Create a deals page that is easy to update.
Integrate with the company’s newsletter and loyalty management systems.
Deliver a unique, retro-inspired experience through deluxe design while following existing brand guidelines.
Product images for Hashish Boyz



Technlogies used to build the website

For interaction design
Adobe XD
Adobe XD logo
For UI development
WordPress logo

Core product


Icon of a newspaper or magazine
Newsletter integration with Alpine IQ
Icon of the refresh symbol
Dynamic deals page
Symbol of a ball bouncing rightward
Load-in animations
Desktop screens to show website design done for Hashish BoyzDesktop screens to show website design done for Hashish Boyz

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Photo of Ryli Kant, Head of PR for MEDfarms
​​Our team has worked with the Hierographx agency for well over a year now and it has been a pleasure to work with them on numerous projects to solve our retail and brand needs. From website building and maintenance, to SEO, to building out the start of our apps, they have helped us in many ways by pairing their knowledge and experience to deliver a great end product. I truly enjoyed working with their collaborative team and seeing their creativity come to life.
Ryli Kant
Chief of Public Relations

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