Review Magazine

Review Magazine is a regional, Michigan-based entertainment magazine that covers arts, entertainment, politics and trends.
Design, Development
Desktop website design completed for Review Magazine



The problem

Review Magazine’s antiquated, static site was not data driven. Their “Out and About” calendar was manually curated with no means of promoting key venues, and adding articles was cumbersome.

Key challenges

Update static features that lack interactivity.
Automate music award nomination process.
Encourage users to see value in online exclusives.
Desktop website design completed for Review Magazine



Technlogies used to build the website

For the client-side UI
JavaScript logo
For the database
My SQL logo
For long-term maintenence
Laravel logo
For server-side functionality
For mobile app development
Review Magazine logo
For email automations
MailChimp logo

Core product


Icon of a calendar
User controlled calendar with parent/child relationship
Icon of a printer or scanner
Data articles and PDF view of print edition
Icon of a piece of paper with a pencil
Article Management System
Icon of a desktop screen with a megaphone
Ad management system
Symbol of a ribbon with a star on it
Awards system
Icon of a newspaper
Dynamic newsletter
Desktop website design completed for Review MagazineDesktop website design completed for Review Magazine

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Robert Martin
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