Tiny NFT

Tiny NFT is a platform for the creation, purchase and sale of non-fungible tokens with a focus on light and easily transferable authentication protocols.
User Research, UX/UI Design



The challenge

TinyNFT doubted the efficacy of its platform due to low usage and conversion rates, but struggled to understand the reasons behind the poor performance of the product.

Project goals

Identify the points of friction in the different user-flows in Tiny NFT
Make the process of minting NFTs easier for creators while preserving their privacy and security
Make the process of buying NFTs easier for NFT enthusiasts
Encourage creators to use Tiny NFT as their primary platform



Pain points for creators and buyers

Hierographx used targeted research to determine which aspects of the user experience caused the highest level of attrition across the creation, sales and purchasing processes. The team took a holistic view of all users to determine how the site met their expectations.

Creators needed crucial

While there are multiple marketing options (including Top Sellers, Trending NFTs, Featured NFTs and Featured Sellers), there were not many ways to promote creators or their works. There was a 38% click through rate for Trending NFTs feature at the time of initial testing
Creators needed an option for taking their NFTs completely offline. They felt offline NFTs preserved privacy features while trading within closed customer groups
Almost all creators wanted to generate copies of their NFTs, which increased sales potential
Unlike other NFT platforms, which offered a store or collection for creators to save unsold NFTs, Tiny NFT had options only to sell or download

Buyers were confused by the
purchasing process

Lack of advanced search, sort and filter options (such as by mp3, jpg, artist or category) made it difficult for users to browse specific types of NFTs. 28% of users weren't able to find the type of NFT they were looking for.
Multiple buy flow authentication processes/messages made  purchasing long and confusing. Many users didn't know how to proceed after adding the NFT to their shopping cart.
92% of users expressed hesitation at using the Surprise/Locked NFT feature unless the seller was well established. The feature proved unusable or of little benefit for small and large sellers, alike.

Our solutions

Shorter user flows for easier decision making
Clear and simple navigation
Smooth and minimalistic checkout process
Advanced search and filter
Trending NFTs for creator promotion
Downloadable NFTs for offline access
Seperate user flows for creation and sale of NFTs
Tooltips, shortcuts, help and documentation features

A comfortable, elegant flow
for purchasing NFTs

Creators can now store their NFTs on or offline depending on whether they prioritize data security or privacy.
Creating a separate section for trending NFTs gives creators the exposure they need to promote their art.
Creators can now mint and sell multiple copies of their NFTs allowing them to appeal to a larger audience.
The Hierographx UX team is excellent! Each of them was an expert at their specialty. I've been a customer for years, and have always been satisfied with their work. I have given them a lot of different and challenging tasks including designs of websites, desktop/mobile apps and improving existing processes. I highly recommend them for UX projects.
Sean Worthington
Chief Executive Officier of RAIDAtech

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