CloudCoin is a digital currency. RAIDA Buy is an independent platform to exchange USD for CloudCoins.
UX/UI Design, UX Research



The challenge

RAIDA Buy lost many first time users without any CloudCoin purchases and noticed a lower than optimal rate of return.

Project goals

Identify underlying reasons for sub-optimal conversion and retention rates.
Identify and eliminate friction points in the buy flow.
Set clear expectations and next steps for users after successful purchase of CloudCoin.



We discovered user confusion in the buy flow

A complex and cluttered interface confused users.
Pricing in CloudCoin vs. Dollars confused users.
Other users could only buy the CloudCoins in multiples of hundred so that they don’t have the trouble of paying in cents. Limited options discouraged users wishing to purchase in smaller increments, causing many to exit the flow.
New users didn't know what to do with their CloudCoins once purchased.
Anonymous transactions diminished user trust in a pay-first buy flow.
Users were unaware of other platforms that accepted CloudCoin.

Creating an

effective buy flow

Elegant, straightforward navigation
Streamlined user flows for easy decision making
Clear and simple information
Smooth and reliable delivery options
Fintech-based best practices
Routing users to partner platforms
Explain and encourage Skywallet

The new buy flow reduced the churn rate by 38%

Cloudcoin BUY FLOW

Minimum purchase amount

Concise information to reduce cognitive load and provide user flexibility.

Simple navigation

Pre-set options to help accelerate the user flow.

Guiding Users to the CloudCoin Ecosystem

Educating users on CloudCoin-friendly platforms.
The Hierographx UX team is excellent! Each of them was an expert at their specialty. I've been a customer for years, and have always been satisfied with their work. I have given them a lot of different and challenging tasks including designs of websites, desktop/mobile apps and improving existing processes. I highly recommend them for UX projects.
Sean Worthington
Chief Executive Officier of RAIDAtech

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