A family-oriented, legacy-based social media site free from negative internet exposure.
Consulting, Design, Development
Web, App



The problem

As a new platform, Heiroom had to break negative user perceptions that affected their overall trust in social media.

Key challenges

Avoiding algorithms that boost negative content and encourage hostility.
Users' negative perceptions regarding data privacy issues.
Lack of options for storage/transfer of data, forces users to stay on platforms they deem toxic.



Technologies used to build futuristic products

For the client-side UI
JavaScript, Angular
For the database
For long-term maintenance
For server-side functionality
For mobile app development
Kotlin, Swift
For real-time storage
Firebase, Firestore
For uniform media file conversions
AWS Lambda
For image improvization
Open AI

Core product


Private “Rooms” for families and groups with backup option
Scheduling for news feeds, posts and memories
Narrated slideshows
Photo editing/restoration/ sharing
In-app, third-party storage
Social media data import
Real time notifications

Our solutions

Private rooms

Virtual, invitation-only spaces called "Rooms"  allow families and groups to interact privately--as they would in the real world.

In-app storage subscriptions

Cloud-based storage solutions that allow families to store precious memories and access them securely from anywhere in the world.

Designed for any device

​​Over the last couple of years, Heiroom has engaged with Hierographx for development and strategic support. Hierographx has always provided great quality, skill, and most importantly, a validated ethical business practice. The dedication they have provided to Heiroom is unwavering.”
Chris Budnik
Chief Executive Officer of Heiroom

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