Gastrac is an application by Gastronics, Inc., that develops combustible/toxic gas monitors and licensed radio telemetry systems.
Design, Development
Web, App



The challenge

The current alarm network only allowed for on-site monitoring by on-duty staff. Gastronic’s customers needed remote monitoring, alarm history tracking, record of acknowledgement and cumulative gas level data.

Project goals

Real time monitoring of sensors connected to Modbus-RTU control units.
Integrating with different routers.
Multiple alarm and sensor types.



Technologies used to create cutting edge products

For front-end UI
Node JS & Express JS
For back-end
For long term maintenance
For masters and
transactional data
For real-time analytics and notifications
For MQTT protocol-based communication with IoT sensors
Mosquitto Server
For mobile app development
Kotlin & Swift

Core product


Push notifications for alarms
History of alarms and involved personnel
Real time sensor monitoring
Historical analytics
Sensor calibration
Maintenance reports

Our solutions

The system uses a dynamically adjustable heartbeat to reduce bandwidth by not sending redundant flatline data, and alerting users of communication failures.
The application is also created dynamically, capable of running on a local server or in the cloud as a web application according to customer preference.

Remote monitoring system to track and record data

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Bud Dungan
President of Gastronics, Inc.

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