Mar 31, 2023
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Prioritizing Security in Web Design To Safeguard Client Data & Foster Trust

In 2021, around 45% of U.S. companies suffered from a data breach, with 28% of them being small-scale businesses. This is alarming since small and medium-sized businesses have fewer resources to bounce back from a breach or cyberattack. Moreover, clients are less likely to engage with companies that have a record of compromised security.

To avoid experiencing these problems, you must prioritize incorporating a robust security infrastructure in your business website. Read on to learn three ways to bolster security in web design and safeguard your client’s data.

1. Understanding the Digital Landscape

To see how important investing in website security is, you should first understand the digital landscape and the threats that lurk in it. There are currently over a billion websites on the internet, although only around 200 million are active. 

With so many potential targets, hackers are working around the clock. Approximately 30,000 websites get hacked every day, and cyberattacks were responsible for $6.9 billion in losses in the U.S. alone. These attacks come in many forms such as malware, phishing, spoofing, Denial-of-Service (DoS) attacks, identity theft, and insider threats. 

With so many potential vulnerabilities, you should hire a professional Michigan WordPress consultant like Hierographx. Our IT engineers can give you expert advice on what security solutions will best fit your company website.

2. Implementing a Secure Web Design

While a website’s visual layout and design are what hook customers in and generate site engagement, less-apparent aspects — like its security infrastructure — are equally important. Settling for rudimentary security features can expose you to issues mentioned earlier. Employ as many security parameters in your site’s design as possible.

To tighten network security, apply a web application firewall that will thoroughly scan and filter data that goes in and out of your site. Moreover, get a secure uniform resource locator (URL) and a secure sockets layer (SSL) certification. These additional parameters encrypt your clients’ information, preventing hackers from stealing and using it for nefarious purposes.

If you don’t know how to apply these protections, you can partner with a reputable Saginaw website design company. Our web developers at Hierographx not only know how to create professional-looking and user-friendly WordPress sites; they’re also excellent at including cyberattack countermeasures.

3. Providing Regular Security Updates

Online threats evolve, which means that your adequate cybersecurity tool today may already be obsolete tomorrow. It’s vital to regularly update and maintain your site’s security capabilities. These updates can take the form of security patches, system redundancies, or even complete site overhauls. 

However, regular site monitoring and updating can get complicated and tedious. Doing it yourself is not recommended unless you have the technical expertise and time to juggle site updating with other critical aspects of your business. 

In most cases, it’s best to let a dedicated digital solutions agency handle your site’s security. These agencies have the tools, personnel, and time needed to keep your and your client’s online data constantly safe.

Final Thoughts

From understanding the online space to providing regular site maintenance, there are many ways to give due priority to website security. If you’re looking for a website security provider that has the best web design portfolio Michigan has to offer, Hierographx is the top choice.

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