Jan 11, 2022
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Marketing And Presence Misperceptions

Web presence and marketing might be perceived as simply advertising your brand. It’s easy enough to see why you might think so. After all…advertising is part of it.

But effective client contact through the digital landscape means a great deal more than “set it and forget it” web templates and fly by night social posts. It’s moved far beyond traditional concepts as to what makes the best connections to your clients’ “second life existence” by way of apps, social media, and search engine optimization.

Establishing “Presence” online means creating and maintaining a solid, interactive and constantly engaging relationship with your customer.

In years past, this may have meant emails and newsletters, mass mailings and an active call center. Maybe it even meant an app that just mirrored the key features of your website.

But none of that really applies, anymore.

Today’s marketing means a lot more in the way of quality customer engagement. The digital paradigm that is quickly moving to a digital economy means that now, more than ever, time is money–and attention spans are short. Reaching out to clients and meeting them where they live, on the go, in the short time that they navigate one digital sphere to the next– takes research, planning, and integrated strategy. For this… there is no “set it and forget it” digital presence with clients and potential clients. You have to know who they are, what they are doing, and how you can reach them best.

What is “Presence” and how do I harness it?

Presence is the concept of real life interaction and a realistic sense of integration into the virtual space. Technology has given companies many creative ways to reach their target audience and beyond. But in the virtual space–as it is in real life–your attentiveness and ability to anticipate and overcome client objections and frustrations will always lead to greater success for your business. The old adage that “90 percent of success is showing up” herein applies.

So getting there means your attention to the following factors:

1. Putting your customers in the driver seat when you invite them into your space.

Study after study has indicated that users have a strong desire to control their digital experience. This doesn’t mean that you surrender control. However, navigational and interactive options are a must. Text on a page with some glitzy pictures just don’t get it anymore.

2. Be personable and engage with your customers as people. It’s the emotional factor that can be most persuasive.

Cordial, responsive online interactions with clients wins more clients. This is basic digital math. Therefore, you must put away mistaken notions about simply writing your web content and posts… then walking away. If you do that… your customers will, too. Guaranteed.

3. What benefits can your services provide for customers and what problems do your services solve for them?

Your entire web presence should exude this solution-oriented ethos. Can you do that with a web template and a few, bi-monthly Twitter posts?

4. How should your customers feel when your business delivers for them?

Believe it or not… a surprising number of business owners struggle to answer this fundamental question. Many can tell us how they would like their customers to feel, and that’s a great start. But it’s only part of the equation. How should they feel when they’ve interacted with your online presence as it is… and what can you do to get them where they should be?

5. The “App” will keep them busy

The creation of an app to represent your brand requires content that is specific to the format while consistently representing the most important interactive features of your business presence. Above all.. It must be user friendly. There also must be something to draw a consumer in. Why should they download your app to begin with? Exclusive offers and features available only on your company’s app are the kinds of incentives consumers are after when deciding on downloading. But apps are never a substitute for effective, integrated presence and engagement. Ever.

6. Web Development is time-consuming, expensive and unnecessary

Perhaps one of the biggest misperceptions that we hear about at Hierographx is the idea that a full service agency such as ours is unnecessary and expensive. But in reality, the ability to harness and convert the powerful energy of relevant, positive client interactions, targeted research and development, and research-based protocols and processes means far fewer man-hours spent pushing your product, and far better engagement with the people looking to buy it.

The Necessity of a Comprehensive Digital Approach

In the vast digital universe, where your competitors are just a click away, creating meaningful, lasting connections requires a mastery of the tools at hand and a deep understanding of your audience. By choosing to work with a specialized online marketing company like Hierographx, you're not just investing in aesthetic website designs or catchy slogans; you're investing in a robust strategy, driven by analytics, insights, and a passion for delivering measurable results.

In conclusion, the digital space is not just another market but a living ecosystem of interactions, expectations, and opportunities. Navigating its complexities requires expertise, vision, and the right partner by your side. Choose to invest in more than just an online existence; opt for a dynamic, engaging, and rewarding online presence with the support of a dedicated online marketing company. Your brand deserves nothing less.

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