May 03, 2022
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Development with SaaS

Software Development That Slams

You need digital design that’s going to snap, crackle, and POP! 

Let’s face it. You don’t have time to be hampered with maintenance and all the other usual distractions. You need something that’s going to work for you while you take care of business. Software that services you. Throwing that product in the cloud where it sticks! Making those sales figures look beautiful! You don’t need to be bothered with building infrastructure while trying to design software, too. SaaS is a means to make that happen.

What is SaaS?

SaaS means Software as a Service. Indeed defines it as “a term that refers to enterprise and individual software that operates in the cloud and can be accessed on demand, and to the needs and specifications of the business. SaaS is a form of cloud computing” that eliminates the need for onsite facilitation software and the expensive hardware and personnel it takes to run it. Unlike the software of days gone by, SaaS doesn’t live in your space: it lives in the cloud. Some examples of SaaS include Microsoft Teams or Azure and other collaborative platforms such as Google Services (Google Docs, Calendar, etc.).To put it bluntly, Software as a Service simply means Software That Doesn’t Cost a Fortune, Create Major Headaches and Require Two Techies and a Talisman to operate. Think of it as a virtual vs. physical software environment that makes life a little less complicated (and costly).


Let’s break down the basics of what makes the SaaS business model so appealing. For one thing, “there are no initiation costs, and as businesses expand, they can keep paying for the services they use”, which all but eliminates costly guesswork. As a service based software, its upkeep and reliability is on the provider, according to Forbes, noting that it also “reduces the total time spent on downtime and troubleshooting, while reducing the overall cost of ownership and financial risk.”

That’s a beautiful thing, isn’t it? You will only have to pay for what you use. When you consider the headaches of yesteryear… it’s clear that Saas is a subscription service that makes your services sing.

Easy Integration: Why do we think it’s worth mentioning?

SaaS has countless applications that go beyond the basic day to day operations of a business’ internal machine. It has incredible implications for developing your online presence. As Forbes explains, “In SaaS development, a software developer or organization distributes software so that the product is hosted on the cloud at all times. For example, an independent software vendor (ISV) may hire a third-party cloud provider to host the application. Or, in the case of larger corporations, the cloud provider itself may also be the software supplier—for example, Google and Microsoft. SaaS is easy to set up on the cloud network and doesn’t require any further maintenance.”

SaaS has a broad range of applications for businesses in the design and implementation of their websites, apps, online services and marketplace, just to name a few.

Eliminating Mistakes & Waste

Let’s roll back the clock for a moment. Some of us may remember a time when internal applications for web and service management were incredibly labor intensive, cumbersome, and space and energy consuming. Indeed’s take on those days is pretty straightforward, and we couldn’t agree more. “Companies had entire rooms dedicated to the hardware required to run company software” that required costly development. It was chained to clunky, unwieldy (and expensive) licensing; businesses using it had to take what essentially equated to wild guesses as to the degree to which those licenses would be used, which wasn’t always easy to get right. “This made for a lot of wasted money on unused resources for businesses” Indeed points out. The issues pre-SaaS were terribly inhibiting, in particular, for startups and mid-sized companies who could not afford full time techies to manage their services for them.

Leaner, Meaner, and More Versatile

Today, using SaaS, companies have eliminated some of the waste and saved money by paying for only the share of services that they use each month. Many businesses still hire systems administrators, but they spend their time in more valuable ways that benefit the company. It also cuts down the time employees spend learning the software and making mistakes in over-complicated programs. SaaS offers innumerable solutions for designers, developers, and other tech oriented disciplines striving to offer fiscally and future facing scalability to their clients. The endgame is far greater reliability and efficiency both in house, and forward facing (Indeed).

Hierographx, an experienced web development company, has a number of recommendations and solutions regarding how you can make SaaS work for you. We can build a custom SaaS application for you that will keep your clients engaged with your services. Our dedicated team of B2B specialists will be happy to help you envision designs and development that will help you take the best possible advantage of all that SaaS has to offer. Yep! We can do that!

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