Saginawty LLC is a fun and humorous collection of apps and merchandise centered around adult humor within the avatar and emoji worlds. Our talented team of artists and calligraphers have created an art asset library that exceeds 2.7 million images! As our library was built to animation industry standards, we anticipate joint ventures with writers to produce high-quality, low-cost premiers which will be marketed to video streaming companies.


Sometimes bad is good. This is the emoji keyboard app that lets your devilish side out! From party to kinky, our mischievous duo - Nasty Nate and Naughty Naomi has the expressions you need. Over 100 emoticons and growing, this app is available on iOS and Droid.

Build your personal bad emoji today, and say what you really want to say! Our naughty avatars let you show your sexy or party side with a growing and wide range of expressions.

Management Team

Andrew Lay

Director of OperationsLead or partner in various tech and entertainment startups with 20 years experience in tech.

Partha Dasgupta

Technical DirectorFounder of renown mobile app company. Ran software company for 17 years

Arnab Das

Art DirectorAward winning artist with 13+ years in animation and comic illustrations. He has led & consulted for studio projects that include Disney and Amazon productions

Kevin Quoss

Creative DirectorInternational / domestic logistics coordinator with 4 years experience, 4 years of e-commerce marketing

Kunal Brahmachary

Lead ArtistOver 12 years as a professional artist specializing character design, game art, with both 2D & 3D experience


Business Opportunities


Add another revenue stream to your business with our trendy, focus-group tested 420 culture, Saginawty gear. We have rolling papers, hats, shirts, coffee mugs and more... This is a great way to add more excitement and fun to your customer’s visit to your store with our line of entertaining and humorous merchandise!



Harness the latest in personal avatar emojis with a personalized ‘alt text’ custom to your business with messages, specials and giveaways to help build brand awareness, and expand your visibility on social media.


We have experienced, award-winning animators on our team, and an ever-expanding asset library built to animation standards. We will help you engage your prospective new customers with a cost effective animated solution using our avatar art to enhance your brand for a trendy social media video or ad. We are also seeking talented writers with engaging and unique ideas to partner with for an adult humor animated series.

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