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SAAS Applications Development

SAAS – Your software distributed to every device, and platform

Software As A Service (SAAS) is a model for the licensing and distribution of software. In the case of SAAS, your software stays in a Central Server (the Cloud). Your customers can use a thin client (like a Browser) and access your software from any place in the world.

This allows your customers to access your software / service from anywhere, using any device connected to the Internet, and any platform, without having additional software installed.

Have a new SAAS application developed, or convert the Web Application you have to SAAS

Some of the pivotal features of the SAAS applications that we develop are:

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Cross Platform Compatibility

Your customers can use the application with Mobile phones, Tablets, or Computers.

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Our administration system enables you to regulate the SAAS, manage your customer base, and provide you with analytical reports related to sales, and usage.

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Subscription Plans can be set up by you for your customers, features can be enabled / disabled in accordance with your plans, and the pricing can be altered.

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Payment Gateways

Your customers can easily pay their subscriptions fees through popular payment gateways such as Authorize.net, Stripe, PayPal, among others.

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Your clients can have the option to customize their use of the SAAS with their logo and theme colors.

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Masked Domains

The SAAS is hosted on your server; yet you can allow your customers to camouflage the access URL by using CNAME records, for them to have a user-friendly URL such as http://someservice.customersdomain.com.

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Secure Login

Your customers can be enabled to register / log in through usual registration forms, social networks, or OAuth2

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API Flexibility

With API access, your customers can develop an interface utilizing your SAAS from any device connected with the internet, with the programming languages and technology of your preference.

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Output Options

API access can be given either by using REST with JSON based output, or by using a SOAP web service using XML based output. Both the formats are consumable by any of the modern day programming languages and devices

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WS-Security for SOAP Web services and JWT (JSON Web Token) for REST based web services are used by us for authenticating API requests

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API documentation

A strong API documentation besides examples in prominent languages such as PHP / JAVA / .NET and Python are provided to make adaptation easy.

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