Snapchat owner Snap Inc files against Saginaw tech company Hierographics Inc


Social media giant Snap Inc, the owners of Snapchat and Bitmoji, filed a 49 page opposition against the small Saginaw tech startup Hierographics Inc on Sept 10 over their BADMOJI trademark application for clothing and drinkware.

Snap expressed concern that the name Badmoji was too similar to its own brand, Bitmoji. 

Hierographics CEO Andrew Lay says he believes Snap is bullying the small Saginaw tech startup. 

Snap previously filed a letter of protest on this trademark application. Hierographics believes they already have the rights to the Badmoji name, and will further prove their rights in the Trademark Trial and Appeals Board. An answer will be filed soon.

“We have no problem facing off against anyone trying to unjustly violate our rights,” Lay states. “We will fight for our rights to use the Badmoji mark on our merchandise.”

Badmoji is an application and line of merchandise that is part of a Hierographics Inc subsidiary operations company Saginawty LLC

Saginawty also operates a clothing line, branding services for marijuana provisioning centers and the personal bad emoji avatar app, Bigbadmoji

Bigbadmoji is the company’s flagship application and has acquired over 36,000 users and boasts a recently launched Trump and Biden emoji feature within the app. 

View Snap’s complaint with the U.S. Patent and Trademark office here.

Posted on Sep 22, 2020

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