Press Release

Press Release

Snapchat owner Snap Inc files against Saginaw tech company Hierographics Inc

Sep 22, 2020

Social media giant Snap Inc, the owners of Snapchat and Bitmoji, filed a 49 page opposition against the small Saginaw tech startup Hierographics Inc on Sept 10 over their BADMOJI trademark application for clothing and drinkware.

Kick Trump and Biden in the balls using new app

Aug 24, 2020

If you’ve ever wanted to kick the president in the balls or smash the former vice president with a microphone stand, your chance has arrived. On the heels of both the Democrat and Republican national conventions, Saginawty LLC, a tech company based in Saginaw, MI, has added features in the Bigbadmoji avatar applications that will now let your avatar interact with the caricatures of President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden.

Hierographics offering tech services to the public

Jul 28, 2020

The mobile application and software development company, which released the Badmoji, Bigbadmoji and Menu Pulse apps, is now offering mobile applications, custom software solutions as well as websites starting at $1,000.

Bigbadmoji releases double avatar poses and more custom accessories

May 04, 2020

With over 10,000 Android installs and 19,000 users, the new Bigbadmoji update is offering even more fun for users to interact with their friends. The company introduced a second round of assets that includes: hats, jewelry, body hair, makeup and hair styles as well as double avatar poses.

Badmoji brings naughty fun to your texting experience

Apr 28, 2020

Download Badmoji on iOS or Droid for the funny and naughty emoji experience!

From Dabs to Doobies, Bigbadmoji Smokes the Competition!

Jun 04, 2019

With the increasing censorship in the app stores, we invite you to use our web-only app at, where you can find your clean high, or get down and dirty. Plus there is so much more; to be blunt, bobblehead caricatures just can’t well represent your build or beautiful curves – that’s why Bigbadmoji is bringing sexy back! Your Bigbadmoji avatar can be bud smoking or buck naked depending on your mood.

Hierographics Inc. Announces Rename of Their Naughty Avatar App to Bigbadmoji!

May 21, 2019

Hierographics Inc. Announces Rename of Their Naughty Avatar App to Bigbadmoji!

BadEgo’s Badmoji “The Underdog” Swings Back Hard Against Snapchat’s Bitmoji

Feb 25, 2019

Small Tech Startup Accuses Snap of Being Trademark Bully; Asks the USPTO to take Unprecedented Action.

BadEgo & Badmoji vs Snapchat’s Bitmoji

Feb 06, 2019

A classic David vs Goliath as the tech behemoth battles it out with the small tech start-up for the name of a new emoji avatar app.

BadEgo is the Edgy and Hot New Avatar App for Adults

Dec 07, 2018

Saginawty, LLC presents the final frontier of free speech with the release of the groundbreaking, comical, and edgy adult avatar communication app rightly named BadEgo. Tired of the overly sanitized, unrealistic and disproportionate art that rarely explores PG, much less PG-13 options, this team in Saginaw, Michigan worked to build a viable alternative to generate a comical, entertaining and fun experience for adults using avatar communication.

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