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Web applications developed for mobile.

Many businesses need to create a mobile presence as a vital step towards harnessing the mobile universe's popularity.

There can be many ways of achieving a mobile presence. The best way of making the information and services of a business available on a mobile platform is debatable.

The sort of mobile presence that will be the most appropriate for your business will vary greatly, on the basis of the nature of your business, and the result this mobile presence is expected to draw.

In general, if a business does not, at all, have any mobile presence, it is a good idea to begin with a responsive website with a mobile web application. Mobile apps are more apt when a business has a basic mobile presence, in the form of a responsive website / web application, and, additionally, wants to consolidate the user experience by presenting specific utility services or information through the application.

A mobile web application is akin to any ordinary web application, served through a browser upon visiting a given URL, but with its UI optimized especially for usage over mobiles / tablets. Equipped with intuitive User Interface techniques, our mobile web apps present you with an ‘almost app’ like User Experience, while saving significantly on the cost and overhead of the development and maintenance of an app, enabling you to take the basic step in the direction of mobility with ease, and in a cost effective way.

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