Learning Management System

Create a teacher led or self paced learning management system

Build a platform that offers a robust set of tools and resources for training and teaching in organizations, schools, colleges or other institutions. Complete your front end system whereby teachers can offer classes and students can register.

Student/Teacher Meeting & Discovery

Locate relevant courses with powerful browsing and searching tools with filters according to subject and other criteria.

Teacher Led Learning

Create a virtual classroom with audio/video conferencing, whiteboard, chat, file sharing, polls and quizzes.

Self Paced Learning

Provide self paced learning courses with Video/Audio/Images/Text/PDF or PPT slides, followed by quizzes available in multiple templates and instant scoring to track progress.

Content Library for Teachers

Build a content library for teachers to organize and improve study materials for classes.

Customizable Teaching Tools

Build customized whiteboarding/content sharing tools, quizzing templates and polling systems.

Integration With Online Classrooms

The LMS can integrate with a WebRTC based online classroom system for live teaching using audio/video conferencing, chat and collaborative content sharing.

Monetization Options

Capitalize on multiple monetization options such as subscriptions, pay as you go or micro transaction based.

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