Inventory/Procurement Management System

Manage your inventory and procurement with clear insights

Take the pain away from your inventory and stock control and manage costs with a fully customized inventory and procurement management solutions. Track your current stock, demand and procurement status across multiple warehouses in real time. Manage inventory with barcode scanning, QR code scanning or RFID and integrate with your POS system. Order stock, transfer stock between warehouses or locate a product across multiple warehouses to give your business more flexibility in its day to day operations.

Product Management

Manage your products with a flexible properties matrix to maintain variations of products with costs and selling price.

Inventory Management

Assess inventory quickly with Barcode, QR code or RFID, and gain clear insights into your on-hand stock and on demand products.

Multiple Warehouse Support

Effectively manage stock across multiple warehouses and gain more flexibility for your business with stock transfers or a “locate a product” feature.

Procurement Management

Manage your procurements efficiently across multiple vendors based on demand and availability.

Analytics and Insights

Customized analytics and insights provide you with important information like predicting seasonal demand.

More features with Integration

Integrate with other solutions like a POS or invoicing system to better suit your business needs.

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