Field Personnel Management System

Manage Your Staff Effectively in the Field

Build adaptive and efficient field management solutions for your traveling staff. Reduce delays due to traffic, poor allocation or communication issues. Closely monitor your off site staff, engage in real time communication and develop insights to help your staff provide more effective service.

Manage Personnel

Improve your personnel management by assigning the appropriate individual or team in terms of expertise or work experience.

Task Assignment & Tracking

Notify your personnel through mobile apps when you assign them a task. Track progress and receive milestone and completion notifications.

Assignment Suggestions

Assign personnel based on various parameters like experience, proximity to service location and current workload.

Route Suggestions

Provide real time route suggestions based on current traffic conditions and the number of stops required.

Live Rerouting and Adjustment

Reroute personnel based on real time situations such as customer unavailability, traffic jam or other emergencies.

Performance Reports

Provide performance reports on personnel for time management, efficiency and goal achievement.

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