Data Scraping System

Fast and powerful web crawling and scraping

Collect and organize mass amounts of data with a scraping platform that features web crawling and scraping from various sources online such as websites or via APIs. Once the data is harvested, use powerful tools to process the data, extract useful information and save it to a database or file. If your business relies on fast changing information, we can help automate the procurement and organization of data, and let you focus on your business.

Flexible Scraping with Templates

Set up templates for various structures of data to scrape. Templates are flexible and can be easily added and adjusted based on your data sources.

Scrape Pre-login and Post-login Pages

An integrated auto login system enables harvesting data from pages with access restricted by authentication.

Throttled Scraping

Utilized throttled scraping to avoid overloading sources and avoid being detected as a bot or DDoS attempt.

Proxy Integration

Integrate with proxy servers to specify alternate location scraping and bypass regional/IP blocks.

Intelligent Caching Strategy

Use a caching mechanism to avoid redundant data scraping to improve speed and performance.

Automatic Change Notification

Monitor source sites and receive notifications when content or structure changes.

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