Custom Web Applications Development

Intuitive web applications that overcome your business problems with a powerful, yet simple solution.

A smart utilization of technology can enable your business to gain an edge over the competition. Whether you have a brilliant idea to launch a new business, or want to upgrade your company’s outlook, we can be of help.

Having more than a decade’s experience in creating Custom Web Applications, we have clients across various industries. We have helped businesses flourish by enhancing productivity and adding value for customers. We reduce costs through automation, and help maximize the use of business resources.

We look forward to meeting you, learning about your ideas, and helping you reach new frontiers. Talk to us about your business plan, and we can help take your profits to the next level.

Our team has developed solutions across many industries.

We have developed customized Web Applications for clients in the following sectors -

Field Management and Personnel Tracking
Inventory Management and POS
Google Map and other Location based Solutions
Medical Applications
Virtual Classrooms
HR Management and Payroll
Content Management Systems
Online Assisted and Self Learning Solutions
Social Networking Solutions
Audio/Video Portals
Searchable Directories with Review
Online Reservation Systems
Invoicing Systems
Fantasy Sports and Gaming
Ecommerce Solutions

Why you shouldn’t settle for a pre-made third-party solution.

Every web application we develop is custom created to your specifications. We follow this approach for good reasons --

Pre-made third-party solutions can never totally conform to your requirements. Such software possess features not required by you, and lack some important features that you need. It is often inefficient to modify third-party software to suit your needs. Modifications can result in troublesome bugs as well as secondary issues like problems updating the software for security risks.

On the other hand, a customized application is designed around your needs. It will remain cleaner, and scale better as your business develops.

Building a custom-made application is of greater value, because you own the copyright to the source code.

A third-party solution can have its own share of issues / bugs / security deficiencies, that you may not be aware of early on. These factors can have a draining effect on your future business by disrupting key functionality of your application. Problems and security flaws in third-party applications are frequently exploited. Even businesses that regularly update those apps remain vulnerable until a solution is developed. For example, if your application uses WordPress, you should familiarize yourself with WordPress security vulnerabilities or Hackers exploit critical vulnerability in popular WordPress theme component.

Custom applications, when compared to third-party software modifications, have a much smaller footprint. Our code is checked and quality controlled in-house. When programmed properly, your application is far less vulnerable.

How our development process works

Our development process begins with us listening to, and understanding your specific requirements. We then custom develop a solution to enhance your business. You can get to know more about the development process we follow in the Requirement Analysis Section of our website.

1 Tell us about your idea
2 Analyzing your Requirements
3 Discussing and Brainstorming

Why choose us?

We do not look at web applications as just software. We see it as an opportunity to help your business grow.

Our strategy is not selling a piece of expensive software. We aim to enhance your business, so that we can grow simultaneously, forging mutually beneficial partnership.

We would love to hear about your project.

Get in touch with us for a free consultation and quote.


Take your project to the next level.

Get in touch with us for a free consultation and quote.


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