Process Enhancement

Our speciality is analysis-based problem solving using various technologies to streamline and automate tasks. We devise solutions to eliminate ‘bottlenecks’ in your processes to help save time, money, and ultimately increase profitability. This requires extensive analysis of your workflow to discover inefficiencies and create solutions to boost your productivity.

Code Auditing

We have an experienced and diverse team of developers to audit your code, ensure you are up to current industry standards and confirm that your developers are delivering appropriately. While some have found cost effective solutions contracting on international freelance websites, many other projects end in disappointment. This can be due to the developer’s inability to deliver on the objectives, often resulting from inadequate skill level. You could also risk losing significant money launching your idea if your product contains known security vulnerabilities. We have even seen examples of outright fraud from “developers” that had no intent on delivering the product that was promised. It can be difficult to recognize these insufficiencies throughout the development process without a deep understanding of the technologies and industry standards. We have the expertise to either ensure your project is on the right track or get it on the right track.

Our Process

We begin with discussions and gather information so we can gain an understanding of your concerns, or size of the project needing a code audit. After acquiring insight into the analysis needed, we can provide a cost estimate. Consults start at $1,000. Costs will vary depending on the complexity and purpose of the consultation. We then begin the analysis. During this phase we figure out ways to solve your problems. We devise solution possibilities, and analyze each for cost and effectiveness. We will then discuss your potential options, their pros and cons, and what we believe is the most beneficial solution for you.

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