Audio/Video/Image Analysis and Recognition

Transform Media Files into Intelligent Data

The quality of digital information and the popularity and importance of multimedia have increased exponentially. Video information has gradually surpassed text as a preferred means of communication and information exchange. Many businesses can gather more feedback from customers with audio, video or images rather than text. This presents a challenge for businesses to analyze, categorize and draw insightful observations from the array of multimedia data.

Audio/video/image analysis and recognition solutions enable businesses to harness data by analyzing and extracting meaningful information. This can help convert your uncategorized media data into useful insight, helping you take better business decisions.

Object, Scene and Activity Detection

Detect objects (e.g. food, vehicles,buildings), people, scenes (e.g. beach, garden) and specific activities from an image or video frames.

Facial Detection and Recognition

Detect faces in images or recognize identities by matching from a repository.

Face Detail Analysis

Identify facial details (beard, glasses, smiling), and infer advanced information like happiness, age range etc from an image or video frames.

Celebrity Recognition

Detect and identify celebrities from an image or video frame by matching against a database of popular celebrities.

Unsafe Content Recognition

Detect and label inappropriate content based on configurable options that allow accurate and robust content filtering.

Individual Voice Identification

Accurately determine the number of people in a group conversation and identify which person is speaking with speech-to-text output.

Voice Emotion Analysis

Detect different emotions for the different speakers within an audio clip.

Audio Fingerprinting

Generate a fingerprint from an audio sample and quickly search a repository to detect a match.

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